Oen 2016

Steering America towards greener pastures!


Our health care will be exceedingly

Our first-class health care options should grow at pace with our first-class ideas.

We are in the middle of many epic revolutions right now! It is an exciting time to be alive!

This is particularly true in technology. In everything from production processes to information access to connection with people around the world, technology is moving at an incredible pace. En route, in most markets, increased access to better tech has brought a lot of efficiencies and downstream price reductions. However, even though ealth care tech is booming in every area, our health care market hasn't seen this happen.

Bureaucratic barriers too often determine what we are even allowed to consider as health care options today. They unnaturally restrict the innovations we are allowed to make use of. These barriers drive out competition, drive up health care costs, and even cost us quality of life and lives.

Together with you all, I will work to strip these barriers away. Together, we will remake our health care market so that innovative ideas and health care needs drive it.

Together, we will humanize our health care.

Your health care should be about you.

Right now, sets of fairly small number of oligopical concerns entrenched by unnatural, bureaucratic means control too much of our health care. This keeps prices high, and supplies of providers and goods low. It reduces our options for individuated care - both provision and use.

This perfect storm has the end result of making our health care often factory like, with short visits with overtaxed providers giving rote care. Providers lose opportunities to provide the best care possible to each patient. Patients lose quality of life and sometimes lives. This can feel like a cycle without end.

However, I will work to remove the bureaucratic barriers that artificially reduce our options and drag down our systems. I will work to bring freedom back to our health care system, and improve the landscape for both patients and providers. Together with you, I will help our nation create bases for tool sets to better support individuated health care.

Together, we will reshape our health care system to what each of us needs it to be when we need it.

Improving information symmetry means improving our health care.

Together with you all, I will work to create toolset bases that simplify information and data sharing. I will also focus on removing bureaucratic barriers to information symmetry. In doing this, we will set the stage for incentivizing sharing mistakes, along with successes. We will promote fuller information transparency; from research to use.

This focus will make health care provision easier to do, taking strain off of health care goods and service providers. It will open the door to more diverse providers entering the market, as they will not be cut out by expensive artificial data barriers. It will help us gain insights and take charge of our health care needs.

Strengthening everyone's access to health care information will strengthen all links of our health care chain.

Today, most health care should be affordable to most of us.

For many reasons that we can fix, efficiency promoting advances are not translating to more affordable health care.

Right now, our health care systems are bloated by private and government bureaucratic dreck. They are forced into unnatural shapes that don't really suit anyone except health care oligopolies and their cronies. Options are left out, and prices are higher than a natural market would dictate. This costs us our savings, quality of life and even lives.

Together with you, I will work to create excellent toolset bases to support all of us having better, more affordable access to more options. I will work to clear out the top-down bureacratic dreck that keeps options out and prices higher than they should be.

Health care should be available when and where we need it

Right now there are health care solutions popping up everywhere! From better access to information 24/7 to advanced e-medicine to amazing commmunity involvement opportunities, health care access is coming into each of our homes when and how we need it. It is becoming less tied to centralized and otherwise restricted options. It is becoming, once again, more about each of us and our needs.

However, a lot of bureacratic overhead is unnecessarily slowing the pace of these steps forward; sometimes stalling them outright. It is getting in the way of their being the best they could be and as accessible to each of us as they should be. Overall, it is getting in the way of our having the health care options we need when and where we need them.

I will work on clearing away these bureaucracy spawned thorns in our sides. Together with you all, I will work to set the stage for better community and technology based options for our providers and our selves. Together we will support a health care system that gets us the health care we need when and where we need it.


My Principles

This is our health care system.
We will be free to shape it.

Federally, the government should not directly do much in the realm of health care. When it does, it tends to limit our options, increase our costs, and create other negative externalities.
Instead, it should recognize this and roll back.
Essentially, the federal government should focus on getting out of our health care and out of our way.

I will work to see that it does.

Additionally, at the national level, there is great opportunity to provide excellent bases for each and every one of us to build on.
Our government can work for and with we, the national community, to do this.
Our government can help empower we, the national community, to make the health care system we want; without dictating our options.

I will work to support this.

I will work to remake the Federal government’s role in health care as a nexus; connecting the dynamic, decentralized members of our national community and our incredible resources.

Rolling Back
Moving Forward
These agreements kill health care options. Junk em'.
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Remove Health Care Trade Barriers
Let us choose what we want, and from where we want it.
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Phase Out ACA
Focus on health care costs, not insurance. Increase accessible options.
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Phase out Federal funding of special health care interests
Let us directly fund what want to, and only that.
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Phase out Medicare/Medicaid
They restrict options and drive up all our costs.
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Phase out health care IP
Increase innovation and options. Reduce prices.
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Phase Out FDA
Let us decide what our health care markets should offer and ban.
more info
Phase Out CDC
Is private/public mix that creates public policy and uses our funds without our input
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Retool US DHHS
If we have a national health care service, we should lead it - not special interests.
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Retool Health Care Tax Codes
Labyrinthine, largely unnecessary, andparticularly bad for we the people. Let's make em' right or ditch em'.
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No more licensing oligopolies
These abrogate our freedoms and keep providers out of our markets without our input.
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No more academic oligopolies
These increase education costs, restrict education options, and restrict our health care options.
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No more publishing oligopolies
These restrict our access to information we need + increase costs of everything from R&D to services.
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Patient Choice Prevails
Typically, we should have the right to choose every step of our care.
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Transparency is THE THING
If something or someone affects our health care, we should have access to all related info.
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Support Citizen Science
The future is in all of us.
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Support Convention of States Efforts
All of us, together, remaking our systems for the better
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Community Care Connection Toolsets
Decentralized community members, networked to care for each other
more info
Medical Trials Toolsets
Better connections to perform trials and be part of them more easily. Reducing costs and increasing options
more info
R"D Funding Toolsets
Let's set the stage for R&D separate from oligopoly.
more info
R"D Transparency Toolsets
For better R&D with more knowledge building built-in, and better risk assessment for us.
more info
R"D Resource Connection Toolsets
R&D resources, networked to reduce costs and improve results
more info
Health Care Supply Chain Transparency Toolsets
From sourcing to delivery, we should have access to health care goods details.
more info
Provider Transparency Toolsets
Transparency can be burdensome and drive out smaller providers. Let's make it easy.
more info
Patient Data Standards and APIs
Standardized data definitions and standardized APIs mean more individuated and cost-effective tools for us
more info
Bulk Medical Goods Buying 
                                and Distribution Toolsets
Let's leverage our national buying and community distro power!
more info
Diagnostic Toolsets
More connected diagnostic tools mean lower costs, lower wait times, more home care, and better results for all of us!
more info
Competitive Ratings Toolsets
Individuates health care ratings: Let's get the ratings we each care about from the people/organizations we each trust
more info
Data Translation for the Rest of Us
Everyone who needs timely health care data isn't in the biz. Let's make it easy and profitable to get health care data accessibly translated for all of us.
more info
Peer Rating Board Toolsets
Let's make it easy for peers to rate each other + works, transparently, across disciplines. Gain rigor, broader viewpoints & even build new ideas!
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Government Health Care Programs
>50% of health care $: Limit choices, Increase costs
Private Insurance Market
Fascist corporatism, too big, reduces our options
Intellectual Property rules our health care.
Stifles innovation, favors incumbents, drives up costs
Global health care access killers
Health care related Tax Codes
Mostly bad for us, good for fascist corporatism
Restrictive medicine policies
Favor lobbyists, Cost us options and lives
Poor Information Transparency
Keeps us guessing, Keeps prices high, Costs us dearly


The big issues are:

that even typical health care
is so expensive that some 3rd party aid is needed
for most of us to cover it

that top-down drivers
from 3rd parties
government, private and inbetween
dictate our health care options
instead of us.

It is simply self-evident
should define & drive
our health care.

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